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Amber DChocolate Cvrd Almond Sf (8x5Oz)

Amber DChocolate Cvrd Almond Sf (8x5Oz)
Brand: BAN
Product Code: BG10202
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If you are craving delicious chocolate covered almonds, then look no further. We use only the finest ingredients in the creation of our chocolate covered delicacies. This is a great way to eat chocolate because it is healthy!! First we start with high quality California Almonds and then smother them with our rich sugar free Belgian chocolate (although you'll never know it by the taste.) Then the almonds are dusted lightly with cocoa powder- the perfect recipe for a mouth watering chocolate covered almond. Chocolate need no longer be a guilty pleasure. Choose from sugar free dark chocolate covered almonds and milk chocolate almonds (no sugar added) and don't forget to grab some of our other delicious chocolate candies and low carb treats.

Unit Per Pack: 8

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