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Hi*Ball Pom Acai Enrg (12x16Oz)

Hi*Ball Pom Acai Enrg (12x16Oz)
Brand: BAN
Product Code: BG14234
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Hi-Ball Energy Drinks san fransisco, CA Hiball was founded by Todd Berardi in 2004 with the concept to provide consumers with a naturally healthy, clean, refreshing boost of energy without having to sacrifice taste. Hiball is quickly developing and leading two new categories of beverages: Sparkling EnergY Water and Sparkling Energy Juice. Hiball Sparkling Energy Water is the only energy drink in the world that does not have sugar or sweetners of any kind. With only 10 calories per bottle, they are perfect for any occasion, giving you the energy you need without the sugar or artificial ingredients. Hiball Sparkling Energy Juice is perfect for consumers looking for a little more flavor and sweetness. THey added a touch of organic sugar and 5% all natural juice to their original Sparkling Energy Water. The results is a super tasty energy beverage with only 16g of sugar and 70 calories per bottle. It's the healthiest natural energy drink in the market next to their

Unit per pack: 12

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