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Cucina & Amore Artick Qtr Marinated (6x14.5Oz)

Cucina & Amore Artick Qtr Marinated (6x14.5Oz)
Brand: BAN
Product Code: BG11785
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These wonderful grilled vegetables begin on the sun drenched slopes of the coastal Pacific Mountains in central Peru, on land with rich soil and pure water. Fresh artichokes are hand selected and cleaned before being open fire grilled. In this way they obtain an amazingly deep, rich and earthy flavor with sweet smokiness that is always present. The grilled vegetables are then marinated with natural sea salt, Sunflower oil, vinegar and spices with minimal processing. Every jar is hand packed with care to keep the vegetables at their utmost quality. These fine grilled vegetables rival the best home produced recipes!

Unit Per Pack: 6

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