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De Lallo Spaghetti (16x16 Oz)

De Lallo Spaghetti (16x16 Oz)
Brand: BAN
Product Code: B30642
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De Lallo Spaghetti. Pasta is an essential part of the famously healthy Mediterranean diet, and spaghetti is a perfect example of why. Our Organic Spaghetti is made exclusively of the best organically grown durum wheat in Italy. It is perfectly paired with many of the classic tomato-based sauces, and can lovingly carry a load of sautéed seasonal vegetables in olive oil. With so much personal virtue, and so many respectable friends, spaghetti is truly a staple of civilization. Twirl it in good health! (Description is informational only. Please refer to the ingredients listed on the produyct and the manufacturers website prior to use. Please discuss any health questions with your health professional prior to use.)

Unit Per Pack: 16

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