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Balance Water For The Mind (12x33.8OZ )

Balance Water For The Mind (12x33.8OZ )
Brand: BAN
Product Code: BG10628
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Balance is a premium functional water. We carefully hand pick Australian wildflowers (wild harvested) growing in remote locations and make Flower Essences with them. Flower essences help with de-stressing, focusing and physically and emotionally stabilizing people. We send small amounts of these highly concentrated Flower Essence to various countries and add them to premium high altitude spring water. Each of our Balance products is therefore made locally and has a very low carbon footprint. While our products are functional they are all non-flavored, have zero calories, zero artificial additives, zero sweeteners (either natural or artificial). Balance products taste like premium spring water. We are a philanthropic and environmental company. We use recycled materials, vegetable inks and our products are recyclable.

Unit Per Pack: 12

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